“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you”. Well, people, I hope you’ve enjoyed our posts. Now we are in the second post of mine and the third of the series and we feel it’s good to talk a little bit about our experience in youth consecration.

In my heart burns a desire to consecrate myself to the Lord through GTC (Gospel Training Center) but the enemy has always caused one thing or the other to prevent me from going. In some occasions, I also thought that it was the right time to go, but it was not the Lord’s. Every time situations like these arose, my will grew, until I had the opportunity to participate of a GTC Summer Camp here in Minas Gerais.
I thought: “I’m going now otherwise this burning in my heart will disappear”. That definitely wasn’t the case. That one month preaching the gospel there fanned the flames of my desire. I came home, got ready with my stuff, and went back there in July for another 6 months. These have been six amazing, wonderful months. Plenty of experiences; I’ve grown up a lot during all of it, matured, but at the same time I felt it was still not enough. So, I consecrated another 6 months to push the Lord to work even harder in my life.
At GTC, the Lord has perfected me in many aspects, from practical things like cooking, ironing, cleaning the bathroom… You can’t expect your wife to do all of it for you while you watch TV? Well, in this place prepared by the Lord we are also being perfected for marriage (actually, the coordinators didn’t give me peace after I left, always asking me when I’d get married).
In addition to these practical things, the Lord uses GTC mainly to perfect us in spiritual things. I was greatly helped to deny my soul life (keep my my ego and my own will in check under God). Calling upon the name of the Lord every morning for 15 minutes saved all of us for the rest of day. During colporting we really felt the Lord flowing through us, and when we didn’t, we could repent and ask the Lord to show us where the mistake was. He always showed us. There was one time we went back from colporting. We were in the meeting to share experiences, when suddenly, the Lord constrained all of us, in the middle of praise, and each started to pray. All of a sudden, we fell to our knees and cried not knowing why. We felt the Lord face to face, as if there He was dwelling among us. And actually, He was. It’s an experience that cannot be described with words, but it was of a great help to me. If you want to have such an experience, there’s a place where you’ll always find it: GTC.
When I returned home, I felt anxious. I wanted my life to continue as it was in GTC. Unfortunately, it’s not how it works! Many things can and should be taken in our daily lives, our church life, but it will never be the same as in GTC. GTC encourages us to have a change of mind and attitude towards church life.  I went through several cities, I met several brothers – and sisters as well. I’m not going to lie to you, some of sisters caught my attention, you know? But the Lord hadn’t said: “Well done, good servant; because you were faithful in a very little, have authority over ten cities”. For that reason, I was focused on my consecration period and nothing else.
But when I was in the second semester of my consecration, I saw my Sarah for the first time. I confess: it was not love at first sight. Actually, when we started to talk we did not even remember we had seen each other before. I continued serving the Lord in my locality (Itaguara, Minas Gerais state), now in a new way, more mature. I started to work in the company of a brother close to my location (Contagem – MG) who, coincidentally, had a property right next to the place where the base of GPPC was being built. Whenever I could, I went there. That was very good for my spiritual life because it prevented me from losing the freshness that only GPPC can give us. And it was there where a very special thing happened with my life. Do you want to know what that is? Read the next post in this series and find out!
Translation of the article Consagração – ele (3) (Blog Eu vos escrevi).