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October 2015

Before Anything else … Prayer! (32 Short Pages That Inspire You to Pray More)

Prayer?! Yes… before anything else! There’s a difference between prayer, supplication, intercession and giving thanks. Read along and you’ll be inspired to pray more!

This text was inspired by the booklet, “FIRST OF ALL … PRAYER”, from the Editora Arvore da Vida. A total of 32 small pages that’ll inspire you to pray more. Continue reading “Before Anything else … Prayer! (32 Short Pages That Inspire You to Pray More)”


Ezra Ma Answers: A Young Leader (The Destiny of God’s People)

Our interview this time is with the brother Ezra Ma from the Church in Monte Mor – São Paulo. Despite a busy schedule, brother Ezra answered our request promptly, with kindness and sympathy. In a simple conversation on a Sunday afternoon, at the meeting hall of the church in Brasília – DF, he helped us regarding the subject “a Young Leader”. We hope these answers help you to be young person useful to the Lord Jesus, being participants and helpers of a third, active and different generation. Continue reading “Ezra Ma Answers: A Young Leader (The Destiny of God’s People)”

Our Attitude: 3 Key Elements – Social Life Series (2)

Well, dear young ones, in our last post from this series we talked about our social environment. We realized then the importance of influencing our surroundings with the fragrance of Christ. We would like also to talk about something else, something that complements our actions in our environment. We would like to talk about our Christian culture, which is very precious, because it identifies us as children of God. This culture defines our Christian attitude and can be described by 3 key elements. Continue reading “Our Attitude: 3 Key Elements – Social Life Series (2)”

God’s Gym and His Workout Plan

God’s gym is opened to new athletes. There’s sweat, pain, but there’s also strength and growth. Join us, read and practice these five exercises! Continue reading “God’s Gym and His Workout Plan”

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