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February 2016

Human Intoxication

Young ones, I hope you are enjoying our texts and that these treasures may be transforming you as the diamond is cut until it acquires its highest value.

Today we are going to talk about man’s temptation. We are going to approach some problems that God’s enemy caused just after God had finished His beautiful creation! Continue reading “Human Intoxication”


Esther’s Beauty Treatment – How She Prepared Herself to Go into the King’s Presence

Have you ever wondered how will it be when we are face to face with the Lord when He returns? This will indeed happen very soon and we will not be able to present ourselves in a reckless way. Esther had to undergo special preparations in order to enter the king’s presence. Besides having good appearance, she had to go through a process. Read through to learn more about it and enjoy!

Continue reading “Esther’s Beauty Treatment – How She Prepared Herself to Go into the King’s Presence”

New Year, New Life?

It’s inevitable, a new year has barely begun and we’re already making promises and plans that we will never fully accomplish. If you’ve made a list for 2016, that’s okay, but I hope you can read this article objectively and understand what is indeed worthwhile.

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