“My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him”. (Psalm chapter 62, verse 5. NKJV).

Seeing God acting is one of the most wonderful things a Christian can witness. For some, it happens in rare moments, epiphanies, or just once in a lifetime.  For a few others, it is a daily observation and sometimes contemplative of how God is manifested, and we don’t realise every day to answer our pray.

I was born and raised in a Christian family, my father was and still is, even he is not living at home, my shepherd and greatest example of a man of God that I seek to follow and honor. Seeing God acting miraculously in my life is something that follows good part of my history, but it is not what I want to speak here. I write about prayers, sometimes neither we believe God is hearing us nor we believe it will be answered, either by delay or because we don’t realise that the little things of our day the Everlasting is moving to answer us.

One of my father’s speech to young people, it was suggested that was created a prayer book that we accompany our prayers day by day reporting what happened from the day the prayer started until God answer it, something like a diary. Many young people started having their “diary of prayer”, others even started and gave up at some point. Although I was impacted with the preaching, I have never done mine but I replayed for many years what I have learned from my father to many friends and young people from the group I meet. I sought to observe, even without writing, what happened after praying and I kept it in my memory until the day did  fall wayside what I have received from God while praying. I have seen God acting in many moments but I have never registered it. To this day, I wonder whatever the reason I have never done this before was.

Recently, I have started a relationship with someone who has constantly lead me to pray. In some moment in our relationship we decided to make our prayer list, things we would pray together every day until God answer us. We organized the list and we divided from subjects into several categories (about us, our family, day to day, spiritual burdens, church services, and for friends) dividing them into columns or lists, with a particular column; Answered Prayers. It was the first opportunity that I had to do what I have heard so many years ago and I have never practiced.

The Bible tells us in Mathew 21:22 and Marcus 11:24 that everything we ask in prayer, with a believing heart we have already received, God will give us. In this sense, we prayed every day, and I believed God would give us everything we asked for. How wonderful and great surprise has been to see the Everlasting increasing the items in Answered Prayers column every day. We put our faith and our hearts on it and we have seen in little things of the day, actions which would go unnoticed, God moving each piece of His spectacular puzzle called universe in benefit of our collective and individual prayers. Things that, sometimes, didn’t seem to relate what was asked, happening in front of you to realise that it was important for us to see God’s answer in our prayers. I have experienced the love of the Father, His heavenly grace, and I have seen this clearly He acting every day when I pray. Until simple things to the deeper, having made this prayer list and registered how God has acted, it makes me love my God each time more and allows me to be grateful to Him in a more intimate way. I have sense and specially seen, regardless of His answer, which God’s will has prevailed and it is marvellous.

I hope that with this text you can also make a prayer list and through it, you can also appreciate the Creator and great Architect of the universe moving towards you! You are his creature and son as well. Registering and following prayers will allow you to see that He never forgets you. He always hears you and never stop loving you and answer you because we are who don’t observe Him acting all the time. I pray from my heart that when you read this experience to the end, you can have a moment of prayer and perhaps you start your own records seeing God’s steps and His power acting every day after you pray.

Translation of the article Ver Deus Agindo (Blog Eu vos escrevi)