The phrase “The best sleep you can have is in the meeting” was said by brother Ezra Ma in a recent message given at the Perfection Conference (back on 10 and 12 February 2016). In that context, the brother advised us how to use the authority to rebuke the member of the church and that our perfection should happen in order to realize correctly the specific needs of people. To show that, brother Ezra Ma gave an example, saying that, many times, some saints sit at the first row and, for being very tired, they ended up sleeping there.

In the past, preachers rebuked these sleepy saints. However, recently, we need to understand that some of them put their free time and resting time aside to be together with the Church. That’s why brother Ezra said we should love these saints, understand their specific situations and not rebuke them. He even cracked a joke: “The best sleep you can have is in the meeting; it’s a sweet type of sleep”.

In final words, our beloved saint even said that the most important is to have a sleepy saint present and next to us than having them sleeping at home.

This is amazing!

Young reader, some things are changing. Can you realize that? Little by little we are walking toward to a greater use of humanity in the Church. After a while, we will live a greater reality of “the more spiritual, more human.”. This is wonderful!

In the next, you will read some more sharing of young ones from our team. These testimonies were given in our WhatsApp group. The points are translated from true wordings of what was sent to the group. Nothing was added. If you want to understand them better, feel free to let your comment at the end of the text (we will reply as soon as possible).


Sharing of the Young People team of I Have Written to You about the International Conference


First of all: Love. The love is the bond of perfection. But there’s more:

1) The Church needs pastors;

2) Take responsibility;

3) Lead like Jethro did;

4) Have creativity;

5) Plan, organize and have goals;

6) People like to eat;

7) Attract with food;

8) Fewer boring meetings;

9) Have mercy of the saints and understand their situations.

10) The best sleep is in the meeting;

11) Love the people.



Nowadays, the Lord has continuously said: “Don’t be discouraged. Don’t look at yourself. Don’t look at the past. Look at me. Go ahead. Don’t be discouraged!!!”Lord Jesus!!! He wants us  to look and walk toward the target. Living intensively the Church Life. And to do so, He gives us the two wings of a spiritual airplane:

The first wing is Colossians, in which the mystery of GOD is Christ, and the second wing is Ephesus which the mystery of Christ is the Church”.

And then there’s a runway AKA The Book of Philemon! The Love! Path of Love. We can take off from this runway, this love needs to grow, we need to pay the price. In the same way that the Lord has paid a price and compromised for us, we need to follow His example. We need to be thankful for His love.

Knowing this all. Touching these truths. What should we do now? Have we already opened all our heart? Have we already been totally enlightened? The Lord needs even more of ourselves. He wants to gain us completely. And to do so, we need grace and mercy! Alone, it is impossible, that’s why there is a last phrase that I touched a lot: “The proud have short memory, they forget. But even today we need to remember the love of God for us!” Thanks to God! Bonds of Love! We give ourselves to Him because of His wonderful love!



My key point of the conference was: thankfulness.

Every work that Lord made for us has the greater price paid ever. Instead of looking at this, we have been focused so much on our earthly things, asking the Lord to take care of us. We have not had even a thankfulness heart for the love that He has for us.

We are so small before the Lord, may we see this. And even being so small, He gave Himself for us.


What I have gained more in this conference was that every spiritual blessing was given to us!! Something that became very clear for me was “who we are”. We were chosen by God before the foundation of the world! Before executing His plan, God chose us! We have not been chosen in a haphazard way, but in love! The Lord has a will of making us holy and without blame, without spot, and for that He gave us what is the best in the universe: every spiritual blessing!

The meaning of predestination was something that delighted me: “we weren’t God’s children, but God was sure that we would be!”. Wow, out of the many to be chosen and He chose us! He didn’t choose us when He was on the cross, but BEFORE the foundation of the world!!! The goal of us being predestined was to become sons, gain the predestination!!! We are sons, we have the seed of life in us!!!


I liked the part about love being like an airplane runway. For the plane, the runway is very important. The brother said that to make this runway, many layers of earth need to be removed in order to have a solid and strong ground. Our natural love, our human nature has to be removed so that the divine nature will be able to enter into us. This makes me think of how my runway, my love, my heart is. Can the Lord count on me to lean on? Can He put all His New Testament Economy on me? On my love? Lord Jesus! If my runway, my love isn’t sufficiently strong and solid, the plane will sink in me.  The New Testament Economy of God would not be able to go ahead because of me. Saints, let’s let the Lord work in us, in our heart, in our love for us to be those on whom He can count when He needs. Jesus is the Lord!


Well, I liked so much the burden and the meaning of Grace. God chose me and today I have Christ as my free enjoyment. In Isaiah 55, we read: “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price”.

I just need to have the attitude of going to Him. He is the God of all grace! Besides that, I realized that the objective of the Lord is making me without blame and holy. I’m far from being someone who does not deserve to be rebuked. But God loves me and it was in love that He prepared me for this. The love of God never ends and, because He loves me, God will provide situations to bring me closer to this reality.


We hope that you have enjoyed this different type of text. Let your comment below, share with us what you have gained from the international Conference and Young People’s Conference that happened recently.

Jesus is the Lord!

Author: Victor Cavalcanti Cardoso

Translation of the article “O Melhor Sono é na Reunião” (Blog Eu vos escrevi)