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July 2016

The Multiple Supporting Points of the Healthy Christian Living

The Christian living is composed by several items. To have an idea, refer to the category “Christian Living” here on the website and you will see that there are more than 50 texts covering different topics. The life of a Christian is not based only on a single moment, but on multiple experiences. We will develop this subject and we hope you will be helped to see your importance, as well as encouraged to develop even more the pillars of your faith! Good reading. Continue reading “The Multiple Supporting Points of the Healthy Christian Living”


Mankind’s Miserable Condition and the Power of the Gospel

Dear brother and sister, this text is about the importance of mankind to God. We will see what the Lord went through to save us and how we should act regarding his work. Initially, the human condition will be addressed; and then what is the gospel and its power. The text ends talking about the need of maturing in our spiritual life. Continue reading “Mankind’s Miserable Condition and the Power of the Gospel”

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