What were the people of Israel doing in the desert, about two million people as pilgrims for almost four decades? Apparently, nobody was doing anything, and their lives seemed to be meaningless. However, the profound revelation of the Word shows us that God was making of His people an army and a group of Levites as priests to serve Him, preparing them to enter the good land of Canaan.

What is the point of it?

Well, God is doing the same to us. He is training us to be His army and His priesthood, people that will fight for Him and serve Him today in order to reign with Christ and serve God as precious priests forever.

The Bible is a book full of precious revelations. In it are deep mysteries concerning everything we need in our lives, especially our life with Christ.

The book of Numbers is a very complicated book to understand, but in it we can find out why God has separated us to serve Him and what we must do to inherit the most precious, the Good Land, in other words, Reign with Christ!

God took the people of Israel out of an oppressive environment. He did everything and a little more to free His people from the slavery of Egypt once and for all. You and I, we were slaves, condemned for sin, serving “Pharaoh” as nothingness.

HOWEVER, GOD brought us out of this situation when we received Him into our hearts. Our God brought us out of bondage. What a wonderful redemption! This is what we see when reading the book of Exodus. Now, we need to ask: what is God’s purpose in accomplishing all this? Why did God bring the people out of Egypt and lead them into the desert? What was his final intention? You know what? God really wanted a dwelling place, He wanted His people to build a tabernacle. When the people built the tabernacle, the glory of God filled it up! (Exodus 40: 34-35). Today we are His dwelling place here on earth, God has “tabernacled” us!

But do not stop there, God needs an army to fight for Him here on Earth. We were chosen by the Lord, but there are many things in us that need to be dealt with. That is why we are in the desert today and it is in this desert that God prepares a group of servants, an army. And like every army before it is set in motion, a preparation is necessary.You see … the book of Numbers in the Bible explains all this in a very detailed way. He describes the corporate service, focusing, on the one hand, on the formation of an army by the people of Israel and on the other, the service of the Levites.

How God has brought us out of such a slave condition and is training us today. If we open ourselves to Him, He will certainly work on our character, teach us how to serve Him properly, how to have a consecrated life and firmly in Him individually, and the most important thing, as an army, a selected team of servants, we must learn to advance collectively. In the formation of this army, there must be unity, the same aim, the same direction and the same disposition to follow the General who directs them!”God’s purpose is always to move forward, without looking back, without looking at our victories or our defeats. We must look to the goal before us: look to the One who from above calls us to the prize (Pt. 3:14). HE will make our life grow until maturity. This is our target.

In the book of Numbers, God addresses corporate problems. Thus the whole army may proceed,and finally our Leader will lead us to our goal, which is Christ leading all things “(p. 16 – Book: Army of Israel and the service of the Levites)What is up? Are you ready to set off and fight along with the most important army in the world?

Text based on the book: THE ARMY OF ISRAEL AND THE SERVICE OF THE LEVITES (Book of Numbers) – Dong Yu Lan – Editora Arvore da Vida.

Author: Ana Ruth Rocha

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