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July 2017

Blue Whale – A Silent Trap

It’s amazing the news that has spread around the world recently about the “Blue Whale”, the online game composed of 50 tasks, the last one leading to the death of the player himself. Blue Whale is actually just one of the names of many versions that exist of the suicidal game. The story seems to begin in 2013 on a Russian social network and has since attracted a certain type of young people to enter a road with no return.

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I heard preaching some months ago that touched me deeply. Among many things, I was touched by hearing so many times that we are running out of time. We cannot waste it. Yes, we’re young, but this doesn’t mean we have time to spare. We’ll never know exactly when our time will be up, and that means that every moment that we live may be the last one, so, it needs to be well spent.

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