I heard preaching some months ago that touched me deeply. Among many things, I was touched by hearing so many times that we are running out of time. We cannot waste it. Yes, we’re young, but this doesn’t mean we have time to spare. We’ll never know exactly when our time will be up, and that means that every moment that we live may be the last one, so, it needs to be well spent.


So what have we been spending our time on? It seems like time is passing by faster, the days are slipping through our fingers, and what is most heard in conversations between friends is: “I don’t have time for that… I’m so busy now!”. Recently I said that, and the answer that I received shocked me. It was something like: “No one has more or less time than you do, we all just have a 24 hours day since the Earth started rotating around the Sun. The difference lies in your preferences and priorities. What have you chosen to spend your time on?”.

Simple and straight forward. Those words were like a reality shock for me. It’s obvious, we all have the same time in a day but I had never stopped to think about it. I do not have less time than anyone. But time is a treasure that many of us don’t know how to handle.

I see time as a railroad that a non-stop train uses to go always forward, from eternity to eternity. We are mere passengers (sometimes unaware) watching time passing and having the least control over it. Present time is for us a little bit confusing, because in a way it doesn’t exist (what used to be future turns into past in a brief moment). We can look back freely to the past, however it is unchangeable, we will never be able to modify what already happened. Mistakes and hits already occurred, and the most that we can and should do is learn with them. On the other hand, future is extremely misty, we cannot predict what’s ahead; yet we are responsible for its construction. This is a key point: I build my future!

We are the leading protagonist of our lives. Our “next chapters” depend directly of our choices in the present. I need to choose well where to spend my time. There are two points that I want to highlight: the first is that it is a choice; the second is that the choice is mine, so obviously no one can choose for me. As a Christian I cannot help but notice, that my choices about where will I spend my time today will echo for eternity.

Lately I’ve spend a lot of time reading about what time is in its essence and I stumbled upon some interesting ideas. The well known german physicist Albert Einstein said the following: “For those of us who believe in physics, this separation between past, present and future is only an illusion.”

Of course he wasn’t thinking on the example of the railroad while making this statement, but It fits extremely well.

The division between past and future is made merely by the present, and it may be seen as our position along the railroad. However we cannot forget that the road is the same; past, present and future only exist for us to locate in this eternal way. The paths that I take today are, inevitably, responsible of my future destination. With some exceptions, I believe it is valid to say that what I choose to do with the time that has been given to me today, I will do in eternity.

We are running out of time. This maxim doesn’t come out of my thoughts. I try to forget it but when I stop for a few minutes I remember that I’m running out of time. What if the time that I have to make my choices ends up now? What if later is too late to choose how to spend my time wisely? I need to reconsider my concepts, my priorities and way of living. The apostle Paul said in his letter to the Ephesians:

 “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.” (Ephesians 5:15-17)

Young people, we need to comprehend what is God’s will in our lives and what is it that He wants us to do with our time. Let us always remember that we were bought by His blood, therefore neither we nor our time belong to ourselves, but to Jesus, our Lord. That we may allow Him to choose for us what to do with our time, is the most reasonable choice we can make.

I hope this text has helped you in any aspect of your life, after all I chose to spend my time writing because I believe these words can be helpful to someone. Spend some of your precious time in prayer, asking Christ to help you redeem your time, I assure you it will be a well spent time. If you have any doubts, suggestions or comments, please feel free to comment below or contact us. We are here to help, count on us on your journey!


Author: Victor Henrique

Translation of the article “Temos Pouco Tempo” (Blog “Eu Vos Escrevi”)