It’s amazing the news that has spread around the world recently about the “Blue Whale”, the online game composed of 50 tasks, the last one leading to the death of the player himself. Blue Whale is actually just one of the names of many versions that exist of the suicidal game. The story seems to begin in 2013 on a Russian social network and has since attracted a certain type of young people to enter a road with no return.

According to the investigations at least 130 teen suicides are linked to the games. If for us it’s a terror, for God this is an inestimable loss. In Ezekiel 18: 4 the Lord says, “Behold, all souls are mine.” The Lord is the owner of our souls and they are precious, their value is so high that He does not want to lose any (2 Pet. 3: 9). His enemy also knows of this value so he sets traps in an attempt to defuse the Kingdom and possessions of God.


It’s very common to see the youth being attracted and deceived by things like drugs, drinks, parties, pornography and so many other pleasures of the flesh that the world offers. We know that the curiosity and desire for independence around such phase encourages young people to experience different things in life. Many end up trapped by these evil traps in the illusion that they will “enjoy life.”


What causes a young person to want to experience their own death?


Researching a little about the subject, I perceived basic things: first, the mind behind the elaboration of this game is not only evil, controlled by the darkness but also very clever. The creator of this practice has studied the vulnerabilities of the youth, has elaborated something attractive for a certain profile with the sole and exclusive purpose of destroying their lives, which is always the intention of God’s enemy. He comes to steal, to kill and to destroy (John 10:10). In addition to capturing them, he constructed an elaborate way to keep them trapped in this ambush. He had daily contact with the youth and accompanied them with their assignments. He would strongly incentivize them to finish the tasks. If there was any sign of discouragement or withdrawal, he would begin the death threats.


I also noticed that the young people targeted for this attack are adolescents with emotional problems related to depression and melancholy. In most cases, they have a history of family problems, conflicts with parents, and close people leading them to shut the doors for relationships. These young people begin to isolate themselves and build an exclusively virtual reality and cannot get out of their own mind; they are then bombarded with all manner of thoughts of lies and delusion.


The name choice of the game, “Blue Whale” is an invitation to a surreal fantasy. The author of this whole plot states that the animal, blue whale, is able to choose its own freedom by throwing itself out of the sea and taking its own life, to no longer be prisoned. This absurd version is accepted and admired by the young people who in search of “freedom” of their conflicts are deceived and led to believe in anything. The fact is that in 2 minutes of Internet search you can prove that the whale never tries to take its own life. There are a number of factors that can lead the whale to its death. Among them may be the sea currents that launches it to shallow waters where it cannot swim, diseases, old age or even sound interferences that disturb their auditory sense of direction.


In a spiritual application of this subject, I realized exactly what happens with the young people who enter this game. Many are driven by a wrong current, cannot get out, end up moored, and eventually die. Or they are diverted from their route by something they are hearing and have the same end, death. Young ones, you need to be very attentive to what has influenced you. Watch what you have seen, read and heard on the Internet, social networks, groups of friends.


 What currents are taking you? What voices are leading you? The currents of this sea may end up leading you to a road without return.


Young one, this event is an alert for all of us! More than ever to trust in the Lord. He is the only one able to save us in this sea of ​​life. Many are the waves that try to drag us to the depths and drown us, but we have a salvation! JESUS is our salvation! He is the anchor of our soul (Heb. 6:19). The one who keeps us steady in the midst of a strong storm. He is the only one who can clothe us with self-control and balance to give Him our emotions, thoughts and will.


If there is any situation that is bringing you anguish and despair, know that He can rescue you. There is no reason to give up on this life. God designed each of us with a purpose and He longs to see this plan fulfilled in your life. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord comforts us by saying that the thoughts He has of us are thoughts of peace and not of evil. So, do not accept any thought of accusation or guilt that implies that you should not live. These are just some of the countless lies that Satan invents to make us give up.


Seek the Lord! Get help! You are never alone.


 We have seen in the cases of these young people who enter such path, they are people with tendencies of isolation. This is definitely the wrong path. The Lord wants us to be together, for this He has given us one another and the Church life. There is a well-known passage in Ecclesiastes that says that two is better than one, because if one falls the other can raise up the companion. Yet in 2nd Timothy there is an exclusive order of what class of companions we must seek, “Seek … those who call on the Lord with a pure heart.” It is outrageous to see that these young people sought help in an insane game and were led by a psychopath while the Lord is with arms wide open waiting to save and love all men, and even the Church which day after day has been seeking and crying for people to care and help.


I come to the end of this article with the conviction that you will no longer be deceived and with the feeling that you realize how valuable and unique your life is to God! And yes, there are people who really want to help you! Jesus is the Lord! The anchor of our soul!

Author: Vanessa Lenzi

Text of the blog “Love in Words”