How to overcome in the Christian life while being alone in the church in your city?
Dear young people, we come to another chapter of this wonderful series! In the previous post we talked about “5 Concrete and Practical actions for the conversion of your parents”.

We hope that the advice and experiences shared regarding social life are helping everyone, because as Christians and children of God we need to have a good relationship with people. The Lord Jesus Himself cultivated a good relationship with men.
This is essential!
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Alone in the Church
As mentioned earlier, relationships are very important. But the people with whom we interact are even more important than the relationship itself. So far, we’ve talked about relationships with friends, the brethren, and family, which are those whom are close to us.
However, what if there is no one to have relationships with?
What if I’m alone in the church in my city? No family, brothers or other young people!? And if I’m the only one in my age group, what do I do?
Often, due to being alone in the church, you may feel isolated, without a spiritual companion and strangled by the things of the world.
That’s what today’s topic is about. We will show you 5 ways to overcome when alone in the church in your city.
I want to help you by telling a little bit about my experience, because I am alone in the church in my city. I’ll tell you a little about how I survive and overcome in my Christian journey.
My experience
Since I started meeting, almost eight years ago, I witnessed the beginnings, discouragement and decline of many young people.
So we can say that, in a way, I am a “leftover”.
During my Christian journey, the verse that always makes me react and sustains me is this:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)

Perhaps you lived an experience like mine, where young people got discouraged and stopped meeting.
It may be that, for reasons of acceptance at a college or employment in a job, you have moved to another city where your friends and family are not present.
Anyways, the fact is that we often feel alone and spiritually weak. A wonderful, real and encouraging verse is this:

“Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.(2 Corinthians 12:10).

Regardless of how we feel, weak or strong, the Lord is our strength and in these moments we learn how to depend on Him more!
Young one, when we feel alone we are more at risk because we are more tempted. But we are not alone, we have the Lord and we can count on Him.
In these moments of “loneliness” our intimacy with the Lord increases. This depends on your attitude. The Apostle John, when he was in the island of Patmos for twenty years, took advantage of the loneliness he experienced to become more intimate with the Lord, and therefore was very useful in his ministry.
5 Ways to Survive and Overcome when alone in the Church in your city
Do you remember the first subject we covered? The subject was “Environment” and we wrote 5 guiding points.
For the subject “Alone in the church,” we also want to encourage you in a very practical way. So check out 5 Ways to Survive and Overcome when Alone in the Church in your City.
# POINT 1 – In the morning, enjoy the Lord intensely!
Read the bible, and read the daily food. It will not be easy! There will be days when you will feel discouraged, overwhelmed, cluttered and will have no courage. But persevere and live by faith, because even if you do not feel so encouraged at that moment, this habit will keep you fed with the word.
Make this time in the morning a real time of breathing in life. Enjoy this time to call the Lord Jesus to come into your life and bless your day. Listen to the following song about the breath of life.
# POINT 2 – Empty yourself through personal prayer
Prayer is very important because through it the junk that prevents the river of life from flowing is taken away.
This junk can be many things, big and small, items that sometimes we do not notice. Examples:
* The daily worries, anxieties, fears, afflictions.
* The activities that drain our time.
* The doubts that enter our heart.
* Vain thoughts or unnecessary activities.
The enemy uses all these things to consume our desire to be in God’s presence.
That’s why personal prayer is so important to remove all weight from us!
So, empty yourself of junk through prayer, fill yourself with Christ and allow the flow to occur. Be honest and tell the Lord everything that is happening in your heart. You will taste more of Christ and He will become your best friend.
Thinking about points 1 and 2, I recommend the reading of the following text: Separar tempo para a comunhão com Deus (not available in English).
# POINT 3 – Pray with your family and/or the brothers.
Pray with your family and with the brothers (even if they are not from your city). This will strengthen your spiritual life and will help you to survive and overcome if you are alone in the church in your city.
If your family is with you and is a Christian family, pray with them. But if you are the only Christian in your family, call a brother (or sister) from another city and pray with him (her). This practice will strengthen you a lot.
# POINT 4 – Keep the fellowship with young people from churches in other cities
Keep in contact with the young people from churches in other cities. Young people from churches near and far can become great companions and friends in the Christian walk.
If there are young people who live near you, take advantage of every opportunity to be with them.
Also enjoy the regional and national church events, such as the young people’s conference, to be with young people from distant cities. At such times you can also meet other young people and create encouraging friendships.
# POINT 5 – Influence the environment you are in.
Do you remember the environment?
Influence it!
Position yourself as a Christian, and at the very beginning show your identity. Pray and ask the Lord for a spiritual companion at your workplace or college. Ask the Lord for spiritual fruits, because when we take care of someone, we feel strengthened.
Young one, seek the Lord first, and in the end, He will add all things to you.
Live this verse!
Like I said, I’m the only young person in the church in my city. But thank God I have a Christian family. We all attend the church meetings together, however, I often feel alone.
Sometimes this feeling of loneliness increases slightly. This happened when I was accepted for a technical course. This course was something that the Lord gave me. I am very grateful for that!
But I also believe that the Lord used this to test me, because when the course began, my church life and my family life was affected, as I was only able to be present on weekends.
I felt the change strongly, but I continued seeking the Lord. Gradually, many good and blessed things were given by God. One of those things was a prayer group from this course, where there are young people who love God and want to seek Him. Today I do not feel lonely, but useful in God’s hands!
Young one, persevere! The Lord is with us and insists on us! Remember the 5 ways to survive and overcome when alone in the church in your city:
1. In the morning, enjoy the Lord intensely!
2. Empty yourself through personal prayer.
3. Pray with your family and/or the brethren.
4. Keep the fellowship with young people from churches in other cities.
5. Influence the environment you are in.
Practice them and surely you will be blessed by God’s life. You will be able to survive and overcome while alone in the church in your city. This will also enable you to be strengthened in spirit to preach the gospel and bring new young people to the church in your city!
Author: Thayná Fernandes