Once, when writing to Robert Hooke, Sir Isaac Newton quoted the Latin metaphor, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. Since then, this phrase has been remembered and repeated by all those who have discovered something new, created a revolutionary invention, or developed a more sophisticated theory. Although we admire the subtleness of the phrase, we cannot forget its meaning: we will only stoprepeating history if we consider the experiences of those preceding us and learn from their successes and failures.

It is for no other reason that we have created this blog. The elegant words in the first paragraph mean that we want to share, on this blog, our experiences of life and our testimonies as Christians, from the few, yet frantic stages of life through which we have been.  We are young, most of us not yet graduated; however, three words have guided our human career: God, Studies and Character. Everything that is published in this blog, dear reader, is intended to give you understanding and value to these words, not from outward persuasion, but as an inward conviction.  In this way, we hope to become young people who overcome the evil one by applying these words in our individual and collective lives.

It is our desire and prayer that the articles and experiences shared in this blog may be useful to build up and encourage young people, especially those discouraged by university life.

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