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“Social Life” Series (8) – 5 Ways to Survive and Overcome when alone in the Church in your city

How to overcome in the Christian life while being alone in the church in your city?
Dear young people, we come to another chapter of this wonderful series! In the previous post we talked about “5 Concrete and Practical actions for the conversion of your parents”.

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Blue Whale – A Silent Trap

It’s amazing the news that has spread around the world recently about the “Blue Whale”, the online game composed of 50 tasks, the last one leading to the death of the player himself. Blue Whale is actually just one of the names of many versions that exist of the suicidal game. The story seems to begin in 2013 on a Russian social network and has since attracted a certain type of young people to enter a road with no return.

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Down to the Potter’s House

There are many verses that show how important it is to be in the Lord’s house. We have many biblical references, such as Psalms 5:7; 27:4; 122:1; Hebrews 36:1; 1 Corinthians 6:19. There are so many! That’s why it’s so hard to write about all of them. So, in this text, we will foccus on some verses from Jeremiah chapter 18. Continue reading “Down to the Potter’s House”

God’s Restaurant: The Applied Economy of God

“Economy of God” is an expression that relates to God’s eternal plan and comprehends all that He has done, all that He is doing and all that is to be done for men since its creation, fall, eternal salvation and until its destiny. In this text, we present a different angle for the economy of God, comparing it to a restaurant. We hope you enjoy your reading! Continue reading “God’s Restaurant: The Applied Economy of God”

Is He still being good?

Maybe you are in a moment of your life that even by accident a thought comes to your mind:

“Oh, God can even be good, but just for others. I have plans, desires and dreams, but  things are not happening the way that I want and had planned! And if God didn’t take me away from this situation until now, He must have given up. I am abandoned, God doesn’t take care of me.” Continue reading “Is He still being good?”

A Flow of Love in Search for Man


Did you know that you were made in the image and likeness of the Creator? And if that’s the case, then how could He give up on you? God wants to reach you in every situation of your life, just like how the streams of a river weave through a forest.
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Esther’s Beauty Treatment – How She Prepared Herself to Go into the King’s Presence

Have you ever wondered how will it be when we are face to face with the Lord when He returns? This will indeed happen very soon and we will not be able to present ourselves in a reckless way. Esther had to undergo special preparations in order to enter the king’s presence. Besides having good appearance, she had to go through a process. Read through to learn more about it and enjoy!

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New Year, New Life?

It’s inevitable, a new year has barely begun and we’re already making promises and plans that we will never fully accomplish. If you’ve made a list for 2016, that’s okay, but I hope you can read this article objectively and understand what is indeed worthwhile.

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