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Spiritual Battle

Habakkuk: A Prophet full of Questionings

This text presents one more book from the Old Testament’s Minor Prophets: Habakkuk. The prophet, who has a peculiar name, Nahum and Zephaniah (both from the Minors Prophets’ group) were contemporaries. Habakkuk lived in the land of Judah, about 600 years before Christ, and an evident characteristic is seen throughout his book: he really was a questioner. A questioning starts his book:

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Spiritual Cracks – How something small can cause a great disaster

On April 28, 1988, flight 243 of Aloha Airlines from Hilo to Honolulu would become one of the most famous accidents in the history of aviation. At approximately 7300 meters of altitude, the flight was proceeding as normal when, suddenly, part of the plane’s structure in the first class section was wrenched off, leaving a hole nearly 6 meters long on its fuselage (pictured) and dozens of passengers exposed to the open air. Despite these conditions the pilot managed to land the aircraft at a nearby airport with only one victim, a flight attendant who was launched out of the plane.

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Temptation – How to resist and be successful? The story of the ice cream blood

Temptation: that’s one of the most challenging words.
 To one group of people, temptation is the source for complaining, yielding, and later on, feeling the remorse for doing what they shouldn’t do. However, to a second group of people, it is a reason to become strong, successful and feel wonderful (these people taste a divine joy because of this victory and are truly happy and blessed).

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Social Life Series (5) – Family: 3 Essential attitudes for you to become an Overcomer Child

Dear young one, are you enjoying this series?! The last post we talked about the importance of the friendships in the Church. In this text we will share a bit about the relationship with our family – specifically with the family that meets in the Church.

However if your family does not meet in the Church, do not be sad. Continue reading because you can take advantage of these words to apply what is possible in your current situation and now pray for what the Lord can and want to do in your home: Conquer all who are in your home (Joshua 24:15.). Let’s enjoy together?

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The Path and the Glory

And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.”

2 CORINTHIANS 3:18 Continue reading “The Path and the Glory”

The Armour of God – 6 Powerful Defences Against the Enemy’s Flaming Darts.

Did you know that, apart from being servants, children and heirs; called and chosen that we’re also God’s soldiers?

We’re going to show how to have a victorious living in Jesus, making use of God’s armour. Because the biggest purpose of God’s armour is for you to defend and to overcome the enemy daily (Eph. 6:11) Continue reading “The Armour of God – 6 Powerful Defences Against the Enemy’s Flaming Darts.”

Beware of Charlie

lapisThis past week, many were curious about the viral “Charlie, Charlie, are you here?”. Now was it about an inquiring of a spirit (Deut. 18:11-13) – something condemned by the Bible? An opened door of the evil one in our bedroom, house, family? Curiously, the viral challenge is quite simply a promotion campaign of a new horror movie which is yet to be released next July. So, the challenge was only a brilliant marketing idea. Was it, though? No doubts it wasn’t. Continue reading “Beware of Charlie”

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