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“Social Life” Series (8) – 5 Ways to Survive and Overcome when alone in the Church in your city

How to overcome in the Christian life while being alone in the church in your city?
Dear young people, we come to another chapter of this wonderful series! In the previous post we talked about “5 Concrete and Practical actions for the conversion of your parents”.

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Often when we see the life of the Lord Jesus and His time as man here on earth, we think that He was a person with no weaknesses or desires. We think that we will never come to His degree of consecration, because He, of course, as Son of God was full of qualities and skills that a normal human being could never achieve. But, let me tell you something: we also are children of God! Jesus Christ came to earth not only to die for our sins, but also to show that it is possible! He experienced and felt all the pain, just like us. He had weaknesses, wants and desires, but He never allowed Himself be dominated by them.



The phrase “The best sleep you can have is in the meeting” was said by brother Ezra Ma in a recent message given at the Perfection Conference (back on 10 and 12 February 2016). In that context, the brother advised us how to use the authority to rebuke the member of the church and that our perfection should happen in order to realize correctly the specific needs of people. To show that, brother Ezra Ma gave an example, saying that, many times, some saints sit at the first row and, for being very tired, they ended up sleeping there. Continue reading ““THE BEST SLEEP IS IN THE MEETING” – EZRA MA”

Seeing God Acting

“My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him”. (Psalm chapter 62, verse 5. NKJV).

Seeing God acting is one of the most wonderful things a Christian can witness. For some, it happens in rare moments, epiphanies, or just once in a lifetime.  For a few others, it is a daily observation and sometimes contemplative of how God is manifested, and we don’t realise every day to answer our pray. Continue reading “Seeing God Acting”

Keith Green, a True Example of a Singer and Servant of God

“If somebody writes a great poem people don’t run around applauding the pencil, saying ‘Oh, what a great pencil’…I’m a pencil in God’s hands.”  

– Keith Green

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How to Read The Bible Throughout The Year

leiturabiblica2Why bother reading the whole Bible? Many of us want to read the Bible but we lack motivation and commitment.

The word of God is a weapon against whatever the enemy’s hurls at us. So we need to know God’s word and not only take people’s word of what they say about the Bible. Here’s why:

Right after the Lord Jesus was baptized he went to the wilderness to fast and pray for 40 days. It was there that the Bible says he was tempted by the enemy in many aspects.

The first temptation was hunger; the second one was power; and the last temptation was testing God.

“If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’ ‘In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’” (Matt. 4:6) Satan quoted Psalm 91:11.

But “Jesus said to him, “It is written again, ‘You shall not tempt the Lord your God.’” (Matt. 4:7)

Satan used the word of God itself to tempt the Lord. The enemy knows the Word and uses it in order to attack us. But the Lord with boldness of spirit, rebuked the enemy using God’s word!

This why it matters to know God’s word. Beside from having a good arsenal of scripture to use to preach, we’ll have a good arsenal to defend ourselves from the enemy!

I read the entire Bible for the first time when I was 13 years old. I didn’t believe I could do it because it looked like it’d be difficult and only something those with some grey on their heads could accomplish.

But I set the goal of reading ten chapters a day. I’d do that starting from Genesis and all the way to Revelations. It didn’t matter if it was a holiday, or a weekend. I woke up early every day to read the Bible and there was no exception.

Sometimes I read five chapters in the morning and five at night and sometimes I read ten chapters right in the morning. It was easier in the beginning because I was excited to fulfill my goal, however, after a while, the task felt harder to finish. I got weaker with each passing day and there were days in which I didn’t even read it.

But the Lord compelled me in my Spirit to know His word. I couldn’t have a lukewarm approach. I had to be fervent in the Lord.

I wanted to have more intimacy with the Lord and that meant I had to know Him better. So I sought to enjoy of His word everyday and call upon His name all the time. If I didn’t read the Bible on Wednesday, for example, because I was exhausted, I remembered the hymn 208: “O Jesus, Jesus, dearest Lord! Forgive me if I say, for very love, Thy sacred name a thousand times a day.” The message of the hymn is that it isn’t enough to call upon the Lord’s name a thousand times over a day! Even that isn’t enough. This pushed me so if I missed the ten chapters on Thursday then I didn’t read twenty chapters to compensate the ones I haven’t read on the day before. I read ten chapters so I wouldn’t be discouraged again.

Doing so, I managed to read the whole Bible for the first time! I was very happy because the Lord helped me in every step!

But simply reading the Bible consistently doesn’t mean you’re enjoy Christ. Sometimes we read His word in a careless way to the point we can hardly remember what we read an hour prior. So we need to empty ourselves first. And does this happen?

O Lord Jesus! We need to pray and ask for the blood of Jesus before we read His word, so we are clean to go to God and be in His presence.

When we read the Bible, we need to read His word with prayer. Stop and pray every time you come across a verse that touches you! I can’t begin to describe how much this will satisfy and fill you with life!

I read the Bible three times in this way (ten chapters a day), and in the fourth time I did it differently. I decided to follow the daily reading table that we all can find at a Bookafe or in some annotated Bibles.

The experience was rich! On this fourth reading, I read less than ten chapters a day and this gave me the opportunity to dwell more God’s word and it was easier to fulfill my goal, because I didn’t have the strict regiment of reading ten chapters a day, of keeping track of your reading and making up for missed days.

In the fourth reading of Bible, where I took the time to ruminate and dwell on shorter amount of passages, the Lord gave me exactly what I needed each day!

All this being said, there isn’t a right way to read the Bible, but is should do it. I encourage every one to take this initiative and to be armed with of the holy word of God every day!

We won’t know the Word from overnight, but the Lord will fill us with His word little by little, day by day, reading after reading.

“I rise before the dawning of the morning, and cry for help; I hope in Your word. My eyes are awake through the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word.” (Psalms 119:147-148)

Author: Isabela Scheicher

Translation of the article Como ler a Bíblia em 1 ano (Blog Eu vos escrevi)

Prayer: The First Step to a Blessed Relationship – she (2)

Hey everyone! I’d like to tell you about my perspective of some things. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Sara, I live in Itaguara, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. I’m here to tell a little something of my own practical and spiritual experience regarding relationships. I’ll start by saying that I didn’t care much about this marriage thing during my teenage years. I was more focused on that present moment than on the future. I’ve always been like that. I never liked showing my feelings so I’d bury them so deeply that I often wouldn’t be able to find them myself LOL.

I was always busy with my own things, like school, so romance didn’t occupy much space in my mind. Of course, like every girl, deep down inside there was this desire I had for company. A yearning to have someone to call mine. But, I’ve always been a bit different, even a little weird LOL. To me, this whole thing of getting caught up thinking about someone else was lame, and, in my opinion, it showed weakness.

Actually, I realize now as I look back, that was not what I truly thought: I guess I was trying to protect myself from suffering or something like that. But that’s another story. The important thing is, when I was 17 I went to a young people’s conference at Estancia Arvore da Vida, Brazil. There, I opened up my heart to love (Aww!). I’ll never forget it.  After a whole lot of praying, I felt the Lord had planted in my heart a desire to form a family and this made me start praying for someone who would make me happy and fit into my plans. However, I failed to realize I was praying in a wrong way. I didn’t even know whether my plans were the same of the Lord’s so how could fit into plans that could not even happen? I believe, though, that even so the Lord was merciful and kept someone special waiting for me.

I’d like to make something clear. The time I spent not worrying about relationships was hidden blessing. Because it kept me from being hasty and looking for some guy here or another there. But, guys, the best “distraction” is to consecrate oneself to the Lord. You can surely dedicate time to your studies, for example, but don’t let anything in this world, even the apparently good things, strip you away from serving the Lord and doing His will. He’s what’s best. Always pray that the Lord would keep your hearts, mainly your feelings, because feelings are delicate and can hurt, leaving us with permanent scars if we make use of them out of time or in the wrong way.

Well, back to my story. I met my special someone when I was 18! He was my chosen one! But the details are for another day. Jesus is Lord! See ya!

Translation of the article Oração: o primeiro passo para um relacionamento abençoado – ela (2) (Blog Eu vos escrevi)

Prayer: The First Step to a Blessed Relationship – He (1)

Well guys, I, Marcos Felipe, and Sara are very happy to be the first couple to share with you some of our experience in our relationship. We thought it would be better for both of us to share our own view of the facts individually, so here goes! In this first post, I would like to share with you about my time of prayer.

I have always known that marriage is something that is in God’s heart and I have prayed for it since I was 12 years old. Whaaat? 12 years old? That’s right! 12 years old. I didn’t pray for a specific person, but for the Lord to keep whoever she was until then.

During that time, feelings came and went, and to be honest, these feelings were very helpful, because they somehow saved me from the world and stopped me from turning away from God’s path and searching for worldly things. I always thought: “I will save myself for that person”.

When I turned 18 years old, I thought: “I think now is the time to find someone”. However, my time wasn’t the Lord’s, and therefore, I had some disappointments. Actually, there is no such thing as the ‘time to find someone’; we need to wait for the Lord to provide.

So for this, I kept myself from searching anything in the world, I lived the church life intensely, I went to all conferences I could, I did the GPPC.

Oh, the GPPC! One of the best times of my life! I was still very closed towards the matter of relationships, so I read the booklet “The Marriage of the Dreams of God”, which I highly recommend. After reading it, I was able to rest in the Lord. I was sure God had the best for me.

I sought the Lord even more, I gave myself to Him, I really enjoyed the GPPC, I had many experiences with the Lord, visited many churches in many cities. And, in one of those visits, there was a problem with our car, which forced us to sleep over in the house of a very dear sister, who later became my mother-in-law. That small car problem led me getting to know the most important person in my life. Do you want to know when everything began? Well, I’m not telling you until the next chapter.

See you in the next post!

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