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From the year-end until he songs that we will sing forever

Another year has come to an end and it is a proper moment for reflections. We may find many reasons to feel regret and joy. There are things to learn from the past and things to be grateful for. And there are also thoughts about the future.

Calendars and celebrations remind us that life keeps on moving with time. And that may cause discomfort. We are confronted by the time elapsed. Because, what kind of use have we been doing of the time that is given us? We must question the validity of our desires. That is, what do we have in our heart? What have we really been seeking? What gain do we strive to obtain? Continue reading “From the year-end until he songs that we will sing forever”

“You also go into the vineyard”

    “You also go into the vineyard”


In the news, among so many different subjects, something that has resonated a lot is the problem of unemployment. According to a research entity from Brazil, IBGE, there are around 13 million unemployed Brazilians. To have that many unproductive people is something to be concerned about.

Before such fact, something similar is seen in the parable of chapter 20 of the book of Mathew. In this chapter, we see many unoccupied people.  But there is an entrepreneur desperate to hire more workers for his vineyard. Willingness was all that took to have the job! Hallelujah!

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I was hurt by my church. What about now?

There was a beautiful house that was just renovated by Love. Pleasant, beautiful, comfy, and open to those who wished to know it. There, many were the ones who got to know Love and His Truth, and were dazzled by the heavenly environment.

After a while, some of those who entered to talk about Love hurt the resident and offended her. Her healing process was very long and embarrassing. How was she so innocent? You can’t just let someone in that way, even if that person is talking about Love. Following a slow, painful recovery, she decided by herself that now the house would be selective.

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Your parents are your best friends


We, as young people, know that everyone goes through an age in which we want to have more and more independence. It’s such a good feeling to feel that we do not depend anymore on our parents and that they don’t need to worry about us. To want our independence is something worthy, many of us even have this goal as a way to help our parents. Humanly speaking, this seems to be something really good. But is it really as good as it seams?

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Everything is going wrong in my life. Now what?

Do you know that moment when you are feeling dead? It seems that you have no energy to do anything. Everything is going wrong – not doing well at work, having bad grades at your exams, having some financial difficulties, not having a good relationship with people around, and you can’t stand it anymore. We all have gone through, or we are going through, or we will go through low phases like that. But I am not here to tell you to wait for a response from God that will solve everything. I want to talk about enjoying God’s silence and learning how to trust in Him. To do so, I will use the story of Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law, as an example.

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“Is God anti-gay?” : The most revealing and freeing reading you will ever have on the subject!


Is God anti-gay? – That is the title of Sam Allberry’s book, and I want to talk about it in this text.

What I have written doesn’t aim to be complete, but it has important and profound aspects that may change the way you see homosexuals and same-sex attraction.

First of all, I would like to say this is a must-read kind of book:

  • for every christian, because its content is enlightening!
  • for anyone who feels same-sex attraction, if you believe it is a sin, and thus you think that surrendering to this practice will “set you free”.

Moreover, about this second aspect, I mentioned it because I know people who had this kind of thought, which is entirely mistaken. It comes from the lack of clarity on the subject, which is extremely complex. The reading of this book will help you to see it more clearly.

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To obey or to sacrify?

Everything God requires from us is obedience. When we listen to the voice of God and have the desire to do His will, we often want to replace it with something else, something that comes from ourselves, and therefore we come to believe that this is a good thing. In 1 Samuel 15: 3 the Lord commanded Saul through Samuel: “Go now, and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that thou hast, and spare nothing; but thou shalt kill man and woman, boys and children with breasts, oxen and sheep, camels and asses”. And with God’s order, Saul went off.

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Struggles of a Student – How To Handle Anxiety?

What college student has never said to him or herself: “Yeah, I should have studied sooner”. So many exams, assignments, seminars, and so little time to study that it all leads to one feeling: anxiety.

Anxiety and the fear of exams

It comes out subtly, with voices in your head saying: “Did I study enough?”, “What was it that the author said in that article?”, “I think I forgot how to calculate that integral!”

Feeling butterflies in your stomach before doing something that challenges us is entirely natural, but if it evolves to something that affects your physical and mental state, it is time to worry.

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Much More Saved and Not Conform

Welcome to the first chapter of the Much More Series! God has a plan for all people: To give us a great salvation! That’s why we cannot accept to live a passive and ingrowing Christian life. We should instead be not conformed to that.

It is undeniable that the work that the Lord Jesus did for us at the cross is greater than anything else we can do. He brought us back to the Father, opening a new and living way to eternal life. His death reconciled us to the Father.

However, there is still a race to be finished by us to fulfil God’s plan for our lives: salvation.

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