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The God who provides our needs

When we present our requests to the Lord, usually, we want His answers quickly. However, when the Lord shows His needs, do we answer at the same speed? Let’s look at two biblical passages that will help us in this reflection.

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Text inspired by the booklet: The Dream Wedding… of God! From the Tree of Life Publications (Editora Árvore da Vida)

It is very controversial to talk about marriage nowadays, but if we come back to its real meaning and source, there’s no doubt. So let’s take a look at what the Bible says about this subject.


Relationship With God: Three Practices To Get Yourself Closer To Him – Social Life

We are now in the last post of “Social Life Series”. We hope we might have helped you in your daily life, on how to deal with some situations and how to react in the environment we live in with a proactive attitude.

The content of this post is about our relationship with God. How is your relationship with God going? How close are you to Him? Who have you trusted as your best friend? Is your level of trust in God the same as the girl in the picture?

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Struggles of a student – On the edge of collapse, but still alive

It’s widely known that June and January are the most feared months by students. Even though we see that the wave of paper works and tests is coming, long before it’s here, usually we don’t prepare for it previously.

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“Social Life” Series (8) – 5 Ways to Survive and Overcome when alone in the Church in your city

How to overcome in the Christian life while being alone in the church in your city?
Dear young people, we come to another chapter of this wonderful series! In the previous post we talked about “5 Concrete and Practical actions for the conversion of your parents”.

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Habakkuk: A Prophet full of Questionings

This text presents one more book from the Old Testament’s Minor Prophets: Habakkuk. The prophet, who has a peculiar name, Nahum and Zephaniah (both from the Minors Prophets’ group) were contemporaries. Habakkuk lived in the land of Judah, about 600 years before Christ, and an evident characteristic is seen throughout his book: he really was a questioner. A questioning starts his book:

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Spiritual Cracks – How something small can cause a great disaster

On April 28, 1988, flight 243 of Aloha Airlines from Hilo to Honolulu would become one of the most famous accidents in the history of aviation. At approximately 7300 meters of altitude, the flight was proceeding as normal when, suddenly, part of the plane’s structure in the first class section was wrenched off, leaving a hole nearly 6 meters long on its fuselage (pictured) and dozens of passengers exposed to the open air. Despite these conditions the pilot managed to land the aircraft at a nearby airport with only one victim, a flight attendant who was launched out of the plane.

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Blue Whale – A Silent Trap

It’s amazing the news that has spread around the world recently about the “Blue Whale”, the online game composed of 50 tasks, the last one leading to the death of the player himself. Blue Whale is actually just one of the names of many versions that exist of the suicidal game. The story seems to begin in 2013 on a Russian social network and has since attracted a certain type of young people to enter a road with no return.

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